Joy to the World

“There is no justice, but there is mercy. That is what we can give to each other.”

Justice is fairness. 

Mercy; forgiveness. 

The world is not fair, but we must forgive. Why? Why should I pass around compassion like bread to the needy? A virus amongst the afflicted. Why should I do anything I don’t want to do. It’s Christmas Day, my favorite day of the year, and you know what I want more than anything to do at this very moment? I want to find the shittiest dive bar, with the greasiest burgers and the cheapest beer. I want to inhale that burger until it tastes like  “forgiveness.” Drink enough cheap beer until this world seems “fair.”

You want me to keep giving mercy without justice, you say? Fuck that. I’ll fight you to the grave before I pass around fake joy to the world. 


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