I wish I could tell you that the sun will always be at your back, to keep you warm when the world gets cold. 

And I wish I could trap your demons in iron cages; lock them up and throw away the key, so that only the Angels could sing inside your mind. 

I wish I could stop time on a perfect summer day, the first time you were kissed by someone you loved,  at the climax of your favorite novel, in the the wrinkled, welcoming arms of your grandmother who left too soon; so that only goodness could last forever. 

So that you would never know the pain of loss. 

So that the world was only allowed to keep on giving. 

I wish that peace was as abundant as rain in the delta. I wish that fear had no name. 

I wish that I could convince you to stay. 

But a wish, is just a wish. Often made far too late, and incapable of stopping the rain. 


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