“What do I do?” she asked, as she stared out the bedroom window. The rain rolling down the pane reminiscent of the tears on her face.

“Follow your heart.” he replied, as if it was that simple.

And it all of a sudden dawned on her that she didn’t know where her ‘heart’ was anymore. Lost in the business of her every day life, she had slowly outgrown her passions. Or maybe she had just learned how to be content with the simple things in life. The girl who had once reached for the stars was now just concerned with keeping her feet steady on the ground. She knew what it was like to forsake the things and people who loved her the most. To be honest she still did it all the time — even from home.

They kept telling her that it would come to her with time. That she would find whatever it was she was looking for. But lately, life was feeling like an endless quest. Even when she achieved small things, she wasn’t making much progress. And even more than that… it seemed like every time she got what she really wanted, she lost something just as great. Just as important.

“You can’t have your cake and eat it too.” He looked away from her and sighed.

Her mind began to race even faster, but by now she was used to the chaos. Instead of fighting the runner inside her mind, she let him finish the track…burning out  at full speed, lightning on his trails, until his lungs gave out and he had to stop to catch his breath. She felt his breathing slow with her own, then there was silence.

It was in the quiet that she found her answer.

“I want it all,” she thought. “All, or nothing.”


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