How to be Self-Less: A Guide to Living Well

It whispers:

“Worry, my child. the world is surely ending.”

I grasp my stomach and fight to breathe. All that I can’t control is controlling me. 

“Speak, quiet girl. They’ll never understand what you don’t explain.”

‘But it hurts’, I say. ‘Sometimes it’s just too much.’

“Don’t act like you didn’t ask for this”, it snears. “What you choose to ignore will always come back for you.”

I sink. 

I am all that matters. My life. My dreams. My heart. 

“Repeat that to yourself, child. Again. Again.” it says. “You are all you have.”

As I fall asleep, the voice slowly fades away. 
I wake. 

I take a breath

and I keep moving.  


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