Garbage Men are my Heroes.

So its closing in on 4 am here in Murfreesboro, TN; and I’m wide awake. A mixture of last night’s Ambien, today’s 3 cups of coffee, 4 beers, and one large sugar-free RedBull, along with a full day of waiting tables — has brought you this blog post.

I’m not sure where I’m going to go with it quite yet.

Honestly, I was pretty much just hoping that if I started writing, my brain would slow down, and finally let me sleep. But I guess I can try and hash out the sordid details of my life as of late, for my own amusement. And maybe for yours.

I’ve been trying this new thing where I am obnoxiously positive about any and all things, and to any and all people, even those who may not deserve it. Hell, maybe none of us actually deserve it. And lets be real, I’m not actually positive all of the time just because I’m acting like it. But I heard this quirky old wive’s tale in a magazine a month ago about the “Sun and the Wind”…

The Sun and the Wind were in a competition to see who could get a man’s coat off the fastest. The wind blew and blew, but the man just pulled his coat tighter around him to block it out. The Sun, instead, simply shone, and the man gladly, and with relief, took off his coat.

I told my friend this the other day when she asked me how I was handling life lately, and she laughed at me. And with good reason, because its silly, obviously. But there is something in the simplicity of how this story tells us to approach life. If we beat life and ourselves down with harshness, bitterness, and cold hearts; the world will block us out. But if we shine; the world will always want more of us, more of our light.

And so lately, when I’ve been dealt cards that I’m honestly not too thrilled with, I’ve tried to meet them with a smile. And a little grace. And it hasn’t been perfect, and it hasn’t necessarily “worked out”, but I’m doing okay. And I feel good. And I’m surrounded by such beautiful people in my life that I could just burst from happiness sometimes.

There are simple joys all around us that we often miss if we are focused on one thing, or person, or one singular pain.

There is a world out there for us to enjoy; if we let it.

Good things lately:

  1. My first $100 tip tonight
  2. Drunk Indoor Skateboarding
  3. Blueberry Lemon Cake
  4. Making peace with my past, and the people in it.
  5. Roo. My dog (not really my dog, but I claim her) is perfect. (And a piece of shit)
  6. Coffee. Ambien. Beer. RedBull (together)
  7. THIS KID:


Real Happiness is in the simple things in life. At least to me.

Here’s to a good week, readers.


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