Friendship Sundae.

Its been almost 3 months since my last blog post.

In the blogging world, that’s almost forever. And I guess in some ways, I’ve missed writing frequently, but in others, its been somewhat of a relief.

Words and stories are like coming home to me. As a child, it was my life blood. I would stay trapped in my room for full days finishing a good book, and I have journals spanning from Kindergarten to present day, hiding in various places of my childhood bedroom. These days, when I find a good book, and the time to sit down and actually finish it (currently reading one that has 900 pages…), its a true gift. And even more rare, is when I sit down and gather my thoughts into a blog post, not to mention my journaling stopped sometime around the transition from Knoxville back to Murfreesboro.

Thats not to say that things have been boring. Far from it, actually. One thing I really missed while living in Knoxville were my girl-friends back home. There’s just nothing like them. All dramatic, and at times infuriatingly different than me, but all of them combined are like… a perfect ice cream sundae (weird analogy.) You’ve got your base, who is the steady friend. The one who is consistent and level-headed. Throw in a few nuts in there, for the temper-mental hot headed friends. The ones who, lets be honest, are bitches that we have to love, because of their honesty and drive in life. Add some cherries and caramel for the sweet ones. The shoulder rubbing, merciful ones, who always brighten our lives and make it easier on the hard days.

My new friends are like the added bonus on this weird…friendship sundae. (sidenote, questioning actually posting this weird blog about my friends being like ice-cream sundaes, but its been a while since I’ve written so I say…Fuck IT!) So as I was saying…the new friends are the gummy bears, and sprinkles, and random cheesecake bites you can only get at Froyo places (even though Froyo should not count as ice cream.) They’re wild and crazy and when I think about gummy bears, I like to think about them soaked in vodka…which is a great way of saying my new friends are awesome to party with.

So yeah. Friends rock.

I’m not sure if I have anything else to add.

I’m hoping to accomplish a few goals within this semester.


1) Polishing up my Spanish, and being able to have a full conversation in it.

2) Becoming an awesome waitress…to be continued (just finished training)

3) Read more good books.

4) Get back to my distance running days (sigh, if only I could dedicate myself to morning runs…)

5) Using my morning’s wisely. Waking up and smelling the coffee, or drinking a lot of it…I guess.

6) Becoming more educated on global politics.


8) Listen to more TED Talks

You know…normal, 20-something-year-old things.

Also, currently inspired to get a tattoo (important note: SMALL, tattoo) that would be a symbol that has something to do with loss, and yet not truly losing. Something similar to this quote by Katherine Anne Porter:

“The past is never where you think you left it.”

But not necessarily having to do with keeping the past, just one thing, or symbol, or word, that reminds me that everything I love, or have loved and lost, is always right there with me. On my body, or more importantly, within.



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