Take Heart

One of the many perks of being on the music department at the radio station is discovering really incredible artists. Every week we take home about 5 CDs to review and decide if they should be given airtime. It astounds me that these producers from all over are sending US their music. So incredible. A lot of die hard music fans would look at this process and think: Ahhhhhh, so awesome! You get to listen to new music 24/7. Unfortunately, a lot of these bands (no offense) don’t necessarily strike that chord. You know the one… when you hear that artist for the first time. That voice that sounds like no other. Those lyrics that sound like they came out of your high school teen-angst ridden diary. That guitar lick in the first five seconds that makes you tear up because it sounds like coming home…

That doesn’t mean I don’t love giving the music a chance though. This week, as I sat in the station with not much to do, I decided to go ahead and review my CDs for the week. The first one I put in was Mandolin Orange’s: This Side of Jordan.

It was a woah moment.

I’m a sucker for Alison Krauss. Something about that angelic voice mixed with that bluegrass banjo. And we live in the generation of Mumfords and Avetts and the Folk/Indie uprising. Well this band is like all of those combined.

I suggest that anyone reading this, at the very least, give them a chance.

Specifically tracks: House of Stone, Hey Adam, and Until the Last Light Fades.

It’s funny, because as soon as I professed my love for this band, my co-host Jake was like: “Tori, they’re not even that great.”

I was pretty bummed. I mean…how can you not like them?!

Then I realized, reality check: in the words of my father,

different strokes for different folks.

which seems to be the heart of my life right now.

speaking of the heart, something happened two summers ago that I remembered today, ironically. it was a hard summer. just like every summer, it was a learning experience. but I remember being really down, and deciding to just lie down and take a breather. anyone who reads my blog knows i’m not a big religion girl, but I heard this voice in my dream. in the middle of my trouble.

it said: take heart, I have overcome the world.

now I was raised in the south, in the catholic church and well… a lot of other churches haha. I may have not been to church in a good two years now, but I remember those verses. they kind of stick with you. I can still recite the hail mary by heart. just like a good song, these things just don’t leave you.

but this was a strange, spiritual kind of experience.

it was a quiet moment. and whatever it was, it gave me peace.

today it reminded me to take heart,

and with the combination of this album, I think I can do that tonight.

alright, that’s it guys.

thanks for readin’.


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