Moments of Impact

I may have just found out how to pirate movies online.

I should probably feel bad…but come on, we all need our dose of Rachel McAdam’s rom-coms, and somehow I lost my extensive collection of DVD’s while moving into the new apartment. We all make “mistakes.”

So, for whomever is interested, New York didn’t pan out. As much as I would have loved it in some respects, it just didn’t feel right to go. Other factors were involved, obviously, but even I knew in the last moments before I was supposed to leave, that I needed to stay.

Strange how that happens.

So, one of the rom-com’s I watched tonight was The Vow.

Leo has this line in it that’s really great:

The moment of impact.
The moment of impact proves potential for change.
It has ripple effects far beyond what we can predict.
Sending some particles crashing together, making them closer than before.
While sending others spinning off into great ventures,
landing them where you never thought you’d find them.
That’s the thing about moments like these.
You can’t, no matter how hard you try, control how it’s going to affect you.
You just gotta let the colliding parts go where they may.
And wait.
Until the next collision.


We all love a good moment. A moment where we feel something so strong, it can’t be forgotten. Or a moment that reminds us of who we are, after we’ve felt lost for so long. Love is essentially made up of little moments, that accumulate into something more. These moments of impact make up our lives. Without them, nothing would be quite as extraordinary.

This is why I respect so much the composers who make the scores for movie soundtracks. How do they know what notes should be played when a heart is breaking? Or the exact perfect moment when violins need to sweep in for the romantic scene? I downloaded a song from the soundtrack of this movie called: Wedding Vows. It fits the scene perfectly, I can’t even describe it. The tempo is soft, yet increases as the vows being said in the movie, get deeper in meaning. The song fits the moment. Music to me makes up it’s own moments entirely.


Ellie Holcomb and Ben Rector AND John Mayer

AND I’m going to be on the Music Department for 90.3, which means I get to pick music that we get to play on the station. (!!!) 


Well, I have class in the morning. And I know I said I was trying to intentionally fail so I could drop out a few months ago, but if you know anything about me, I change my mind a lot. Or I guess, more than that, I try and let life guide me where I need to go. Even if its not where I thought it would be. To my next moment of impact.


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