Ordinary People

I was being a total drag yesterday.

The day started well, the sun was shining, I avoided death (again)

  *walking on the street with headphones in is dangerous. I know. I really don’t care, angry        drivers.

I got to work and I was still happy, and then I saw something, and then I wasn’t.

Pretty simple, that’s what it usually takes with me. Anyway, I was drowning in my self-pity; I could literally feel the frown on my face. Ever done that? Been able to feel your jaw-muscles ache from the amount of frowning you’re doing?

So I’m standing at the host desk, starin’ out the window into the abyss that is market square (not really an abyss at all) when Larry walks in the double doors.

Y’all his name isn’t really Larry, I just call people this when I can’t remember their names. He looks more like…a Richard, maybe a…Gerald? No. ALL OF THESE ARE WRONG.

Ok, start over.

“Larry” is a handicapped man who comes to Tupelo all the time. I had forgotten about him, like I do most of the truly fascinating people I meet every once in a while. When he walked in he smiled. I’m not talking “hey, how ya doin’?” smile, I’m talkin’ “OH MY GOD, MY FAVORITE PEOPLE I LOVE YOU WHATS UP??” (think of the “it’s Santa!!!” scene in Elf)

I’m not sure what Larry’s handicap is. He can’t really speak. He just claps, and mumbles, and he has a limp in his step. But God is he happy. He hugged me and I about lost it.

I had to be happy too. I had to be, when I was around him.


Weird people have been approaching me lately, not that this isn’t the usual for me.

A few days ago, I got cornered by this obese man. He says people call him “The Sandman”. He never gave an explanation. Again, I was at work, and supposed to be greeting people at the door, but this conversation seemed more important. HE TALKED FOREVER. About how I deserve some “southern gentleman” and how “women these days aren’t respected how they used to be” and how “the good old days are gone.” He kept telling me he was going to pray for me, and gave me a location of like three different churches. Most of it went through one ear and out the other, some struck a nerve.


This woman today saved my life from a car (again with the headphones). After she saved my life she said: “Might not want to tempt fate.” and walked away.

THANKS LADY, now I’m just sitting here dissecting that little word vomit of yours thinking how I should apply it to my life. Fuck you!

Lastly, a homeless man gave me Skittles on the side of the road today.

People say: “Tori, don’t take Skittles from homeless men.”

But you know what? Screw you guys! That guy gave me skittles and I’m gonna eat every last one of them.




all of these random stories sum up to one thought. you know a good heart when you meet one. take notice. (also, realize that most people have good hearts — we just get a little selfish and don’t offer others our skittles because we want them all to ourselves.)

you selfish bastards.


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