I Am Going to Fail all my Classes.

I procrastinated on my Anthropology paper until now (2 in the morning.)

It’s about Shamanism and I don’t even know what that is about since every day I doodle in class and make fun of my British professor who makes more money than God.

Right now I’m reading for 5 minutes, and then getting distracted again, but I found this and heyyyy, it’s cool.

Shaman Guy (which is apparently a healer/magicman/voodoo crazy Siberian):

I know nothing, but continuously life confronts me with forces that are stronger than me! As it is difficult to live we have the knowledge of our forefathers, and it is always the inexorable that becomes the fate of man and woman. Therefore, we believe in evil. The good we do not consider as it is good in its own right and does not need to be worshipped. The evil on the other hand, which is lurking in the great darkness, threatening us through storm and bad weather and sneaking up on us in dank fog, has to be kept away from the path we walk. Human beings are capable of so little, and we do not even know whether what we believe is true. The only thing we do know for sure is that what has to happen will happen.


So, yeah, back to failing.


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