A Lot Like Love.

There is this movie that I’ve had looping on my tv for weeks now. It’s called A Lot Like Love, and if you haven’t seen it, you should. It’s about two people who form this great romance out of a one night stand and then a seven year friendship. They go through their share of relationship woes and in between always seem to reconnect for a brief moment before going on their way again — with each time getting harder to leave.

there is this one part though, that just tugs at my heart. I think I’ve rewound this 3 minute clip more times than I’m comfortable admitting today. Ollie (Ashton Kutcher) gets a call in New York from Emily (Amanda Peet) after a year without talking to each other. This perfect musical score sets in, as she asks him if he can do her a favor. The scene slowly cuts to a graveyard, and Ollie has flowers in his hands. As he gets closer to one grave, it sets in that he’s bringing flowers to Emily’s mom’s grave while she listens on the phone. She’s crying, and the music is playing softly in the background and she tells Ollie:

“Talk to me.”
And Ollie says:
“I don’t know what to say.”
And she says:
“It doesn’t matter.”

So he sits cross-legged by the grave and starts to tell Em a story about a little boy who’s digging a hole in his backyard. When his old lady neighbor asks what he’s doing, he says “I’m burying my pet goldfish.” and she says: “well that’s an awfully big hole for a goldfish.” and he says: “well that’s because he’s inside your stupid cat.”

Emily laughs through her tears
and I laugh through mine too.(embarrassing)

This is what love is.
And I know it when I watch it.

It’s not full of frills, or cheap compliments, or the fakeness of romance that I feel bad for never having bought into (even though now, I don’t)
It’s in the way he makes her laugh when she’s sad, and the way they come back to each other and understand. This is what good love is.

The music gets me the most though, but I can’t find the score anywhere and it’s driving me crazy.

side-note: I wish I had a guy with a boom box who followed me around and played the perfect song to accompany my biggest life moments. this is probably why I wear headphones in public 90% of the time.

alright, I’m gonna go watch this scene again.


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