Untitled (because cool artist’s don’t title their work)

Today we went to the art gallery downtown for class.

I can’t remember the artist’s name. I don’t even think the exhibit had a title. But it was filmed/photographed in the Mohave Desert  between the border of Arizona and California.

The film portion was pretty simple — the artist let loose a security blanket into the desert wind. He followed it with a video camera, in a jeep, as it rolled and twisted and glided along the hardened, desert floor

Being new to the art game, I’m learning how to be that person who looks for detail and wit in artistic pieces. Sometimes I feel ridiculous doing so — I don’t want to be that girl who stares at a portrait, trying to understand it for hours, but this piece literally put me in a trance.

The film was looped, so it was ceaseless. The shooting was so smooth, that even though he was changing angles and following the security blanket at times, and other times the blanket was coming directly at us — you could never tell where one stopped and the other began. The security blanket suddenly came alive before my eyes. It was no longer just a blanket. It was a bird, or a magic carpet. Sometimes it flew, sometimes it danced. It was like watching the most graceful tumbleweed in existence.

Guys, this 5 minute long video was literally a guy, in a jeep, chasing a security blanket with a video camera. And I haven’t seen something so beautiful in a really long time.

The best part about it — is it was almost, meditative.

My mind never stops. Ever. (sidenote: I get why people smoke pot so often.)

This piece cleared it though. Finally. I got lost in the dance of a security blanket rolling through the desert. It was beautiful.

I felt like a real art student.

I know I’m not legitimate enough to call myself that, yet. Or if I ever even will be.

All I know, is if you have some spare time, go to the Downtown UTK Art Gallery and watch that damn blanket roll around on the ground. You won’t be disappointed.

Art is Weird.

It also heals my soul.

also, also: my grandpa came to ate dinner with me tonight in Knoxville and it made everything better. he’s my guy.


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