I’m a word person.

Sometimes, I wish I didn’t like words so much. I wish I was more simple, or had other artistic forms of expression: like dancing, or painting, or drawing, or something…anything less taxing than being a word junky. But here I am.

My friend’s birthday was last weekend. As we drove around on SuperBowl Sunday, looking for a place she could get a spur-of-the-moment tattoo, I was thinking: “hey, I might get one too.” LOL, ok, no. I got my nose pierced like a month ago and already want to take it out. Queen of Indecisiveness, y’all. The last thing I need is to brand myself.

But as we drove through downtown Nashville, I was trying to decide: hypothetically, if I wanted a tattoo, what would I get? It has to be meaningful (although I was super jealous of my coworker’s finger mustache tattoo…), and it has to represent some facet of me. Something that makes up who I am.

But being a word person means that you can’t narrow this down to one thing.

I don’t think people of words get tattoos.

“Writers aren’t exactly people. They’re a whole lot of people…trying to be one person.”

— F. Scott Fitzgerald

ANYWAY, I’m sorry I just ramble on this thing. So, I was thinking: if I get a tattoo, it should be a word…since words are my thing. And then I thought: there is no way I can pick just one word.

Long story short…I didn’t get the tattoo. Even my friend didn’t get her tattoo (because obviously tattoo parlors are not open at 10 at night on Super Bowl Sunday), but one thing has come out of this:

me playing closer attention to words. And they’re meanings.

Today the word grace has followed me around; and I know it’s for a reason.


my favorite definition of the word

: a temporary exemption; reprieve.

It jumped out on my tea this morning, and then as I watched the Grammy’s tonight:

with a little luck, and a lot of grace, we made it here tonight.


Grace has a lot of other definitions. Really, look it up…it’s ridiculous. But after finding these, I have to find a way to relate it back to myself. To find out what the word grace means to me.

I think around the time I started this blog, I didn’t believe in forgiveness, because I didn’t really believe in mistakes. You’re probably thinking: what? But I didn’t. I thought people hurt each other. People make decisions that are unhealthy, unwise, but a mistake? No. Everything makes you who you are, everything for a reason.

Maybe I still believe this to be true about making mistakes, but I think I’ve changed my mind about forgiveness. Grace is forgiveness. Grace is letting go, a temporary relief; a reprieve.

But the coolest thing about grace, is in most of the definitions, its something given to us.

Kind of like life saying: calm down; breathe. 

(notice peaceful gray beach theme: one of my favorite things.)


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