Goonies Never Say Die


This weekend at home was good for me.

It reminded me that I do have girl-friends, just in different parts of Tennessee. (excluding Knoxville, so I’m still working on that?…yes mom, still.)

I’m going to try and make this post short and sweet.

I finally watched Super 8, which made me extremely nostalgic for the Goonies and my childhood, and partially regretting being so awkward and not doing cooler stuff with my friends when I was that age. Although, at 12 I did get my first video-camera and came up with slightly less-cooler stuff than the kids in Super 8 made: like me and my cousin acting like newscasters, or giving “Cribs” tours of my Nana’s house, or me and my best friend using night-vision to sneak into my brother’s room while he was playing WOW. My favorite film-making moment of my childhood though would have to be our “torture the neighborhood kids” reenactments of Jack-Ass stunts…classic.

Re-reading the above and I realize that I have been surrounded by boys for way too long. I like South Park and cry laughing at videos like these:

I’m starting to think it’s a problem.

Anyway, here I go rambling. This entire post was inspired by one quote I heard at the end of the Super 8 movie. The main character, Joe, is being hoisted in the air by the city-crushing space alien (oh my god i’m such a dude.) ANYWAY, Joe is trying to convince the alien to let him go and he says this:

“I know bad things happen. Bad things happen. But you can still live. You can still live.”

The Alien was only pissed and ripping people’s faces off because he wanted to go home (side-note: I feel this way sometimes….) And Joe had lost his mom in this crazy factory accident, and his lover Elle Fanning had an alcoholic dad; and bad things do happen.


This movie in short, and my life in about the past few years, have made me look reality in the face. We expect things to go a certain way. They never will. So, once we get over that, it’s our job to find the real beauty in life. This movie, and No Strings Attached, (which I might watch every night before I go to bed…) make me appreciate the realness of people, of humanity. How loss is real. And forgiveness is very real. And how to let go, and find happiness requires you to look life in the face and see it for what it really is:

one twisted, unpredictable, opportunity.

“we allow ourselves to get so wrapped up in the story of it all, that we forget that we’re actively creating our own.”

create. your. own. truth.


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