Ever done something and then wake up the next morning and immediately regret it?

That’s kind of how I felt about my last post. All day while walking to class I was thinking: “God, I sounded so conceited.” I thought about deleting it so it could die in cyber-blogdom, but then I thought I should just own my mistakes (even the embarrassing ones) because that’s what life calls us to do sometimes.

My video as an art professor just assigned us a new project in class today. Somehow, we have to create a 5-ish minute long video on “how we believe other people see us.”

Guys, instantly I was thinking: CRAP, I’m gonna have to go find my worst enemy and find out what he/she hates most about me (I don’t really know if I even have any enemies…)

But then I called my dad tonight because he’s my best friend and unfortunately/fortunately we’re the same person, and while he gave me his usual life pep-talk while ordering Arby’s at the drive-thru window, he said this to me:

People are mirrors, they reflect how we see ourselves.

And then I was like HOLY MOTHER OF GOD, THAT’S IT. But in all honesty, I still have to figure out how to portray this on film and it’s going to be a challenge, and I guess I’m gonna put on my big girl pants and dive in head first.

mirrors. mirrors……

*if anyone has suggestions, you should call me.


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