So far this new semester has been awesome.

My classes are finally challenging me, in a good way. I’m in two religious studies classes which I’m really pumped about. I want to explore everything (it’s why I’m a Global Studies major.) I think I’m at the point in my life where I can finally say: I have no religion, and I’m not ashamed of that. It’s why I left the school I was at, and it is why I’m at where I am today. I respect them completely, but I don’t know if it has ever really been for me. It’s scary to admit things like this, but I want to own everything about myself, and this is one thing that I would just rather be honest about. Regardless, I still am crazy excited about this class. My professor is one of those guys who knows he’s a genius, and he’s from Cali…these could be good and bad things.

I’m also in my first video as an art course for my Cinema Studies minor. Yesterday I knelt on the ground on Pedestrian Walkway to shoot people’s feet. I felt like a fool. I think sometimes you know you’re doing something great when you feel foolish. So, I love it.

Besides school, other cool things have been happening. I have friends in amazing bands, which makes me feel kind of cool and also really jealous. Do yourself a favor and check out:

1) Cereus Bright

2) Judah and the Lion

3) TMK (That’s My Kid)

All doing pretty rad stuff, and in Knoxville! (the last one coming in January)

Also, it SNOWED. It was beautiful.


Oh, and I went to Rumorz so I guess I’m like a real live college student now.


Hmm… what else?

To the people who read this, and tell me that they read it: thanks. I don’t know why you do, but I really appreciate your input and the fact that you even take time out of your day to listen to me ramble. For some reason this week, I’ve been thinking about…well it’s hard to describe. I think we all have that one person, who for whatever reason, is constantly on our mind. It can be caused by infatuation, or not being able to let go. It can be a random person who suddenly grabs our attention and we are stuck. A stranger on the street, or someone we have known all our lives.

To stop myself from rambling, I guess I think of this when I think of people reading my blog. Why do they care what I am thinking about? I think about the random guy today who told me I’m the most beautiful girl he’s ever seen and I literally laugh out loud because:

1) he’s stupid.


2) am I that one person who is on his mind?

Because honestly… he probably won’t be on mine. I guess this is what makes life a little unfair. Because usually the people who are on our minds, are not the ones who have us on theirs. And why do I deserve to be the one who they are thinking about?

I don’t.

This was a strange last thing to write about.

But, I think it’s good to ask yourself sometimes: who is that one person who takes over your mind? What is it about them, that makes them more worthwhile than the rest? And then ask yourself, are they really worth it?



(p.s. it took me over an hour to write this because my computer types at like 2 words per minute because I left it in my backpack during the snow day and it got water damage. I would feel bad, but I don’t because SNOW.)



Advice from my childhood idol, Britney Spears ya’ll:

It’s weird like, you can see the cruelest part of the world. The cruelest part. But then on the other side, you see the most beautiful part, do you know? Its like you go from one extreme to the next. And they’re both worth it because you wouldn’t see the other, without the other one. But that cruel part is damn cruel, and you’ll never forget it. But that heaven, is heaven. So it’s like, I’ve been to both places.


I’m gonna keep going.



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