Pajama Jeans (Ew.)

So I’m sitting here at 1am (2am Knox time, which is throwing my sleep schedule off..not that I really had one anyway) and I come to this weird realization:

I like to sleep in jeans.

Is this worthy to blog about? Like most things that I’ve written about lately, no it’s not. But regardless, I can’t stop thinking about it and why it is that I sleep in jeans so often– and then I begin tracing it back to the days when I was a pre-teen, staying with my bachelor dad every other weekend and watching R rated movies until 1 am when all of us would inevitably pass out in our normal clothes on the couch…too lazy to change into pajamas like everyone else. This trait has stuck with me apparently. In about 5 minutes when I’m done writing this, I’m definitely going to fall asleep in my black skinny jeans (that feel like pajamas anyway.)

To please who ever reads this — I guess I can come up with a point for this post. Recently, I’ve been feeling the affects of getting older. The Boro is great, but I can tell from now on, it will only be a nice place to visit. And the older we get, we forget some of the things that make us who we are. We change. Our dreams change, our friends change, the people we love change, but there are those things about us, that maybe we don’t even pay attention to, that make us who we are. Like sleeping in jeans.

And its probably more about the bigger puzzle and the sleeping in jeans thing is just a piece of it..but it’s still a weird part of me. Something that in this ever-changing world, will probably always stay the same.

You know what else I’m a victim of?

Run On Sentences.




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