The Trouble With Time

I haven’t been writing lately. I don’t know if it had to do with finals (which by some great and powerful force of the universe I passed with all B’s, wooot), or me working my life away, or coming home and getting the flu on the 2nd day I was here, or my endless amount of HuluPlus watching…but whatever it is, I’ve had the block. Or maybe I just haven’t had anything worth writing about. Maybe this post will be completely pointless. Probably.

I saw this quote on Pinterest that said it was by Gandhi, but was totally fake and not by Gandhi (a lot of quotes are like this, I like to look for credible sources before I fall victim.) Anyhow, I still like the quote, here it is:

the trouble is, you think you have time.

Plain and simple; that’s how I like it these days.

So, you hear this all the time. “Life is short” “Live each day like it’s your last” “The end of the world is tomorrow, so tweet at the one you love and confess your undying affection for them”… That last one is true, I saw it. BUT, the fake end of the world, (that I think was supposed to happen two days ago), made me start thinking this way. That if today was my last day on Earth, would I be satisfied with how I left it?


That was my answer.

My over-thinking ass starts over-thinking it. Currently, I’m pretty happy. I have great friends, a great family, a good job, clothes, “money”, a “nice (really ghetto but cheap) apartment”, good opportunities… I’m content. Do I have any unfinished business? Sure…who doesn’t? But the trouble with time, is there’s never enough of it. And yet to accomplish anything in this world, you need it.

It’s kind of like that saying: “hurry up and wait”

That’s why patience is so hard. Because we’re told to go out there and get what we want, and to not get lazy or wait around. But then we’re also told to be patient. That healing, and good things, and strength, come with time.

So the answer is to do both, and that makes no sense, like everything else… which is why I’ve just decided to stop thinking altogether. Which means I won’t have much to write about, which means I’m either going to become brain-dead or the happiest person on earth.

SAYONARA, and Merry Christmas suckers.


I got my nose pierced. I don’t know why.


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