There’s a Remedy

So I’m sitting alone in a coffee shop, which if you knew me, you would know I’m in my zone.

I found out about this place through a friend a year ago. Since I started college 3 years ago, I’ve perused coffee shops for potential paper-writing nooks, good tea, and good music. Remedy has all three. If you live in Knoxville, you’ll probably see me here alone a lot. Its cool.

I’ve been in here for about three hours now “writing my political science paper.”
Instead, I’ve done a lot of people watching, been distracted by the awesome Imagine Dragons playlist looping, and had my heart crushed by an 8 year old boy who called and asked if I was coming to his football playoffs this weekend


As the hours stretch on, and this paper gets written about one paragraph/an hour, I notice a massive amount of old men rolling in. The longer I stare at them, the more I realize that I’ve seen this kind of group before. I have a radar for these people…but to make sure, I go onto the Remedy website and look at the calendar. aand I was right! It’s a Narcotics Anoymous meeting.

I probably should stop now instead of getting too personal, but, here goes. I grew up going to AA meetings with one of my family members who I guess I’ll choose not to disclose (since its “anonymous” and all.) At first this sounds weird, and yeah, it is pretty freakin’ weird. I went to them from age 8 to about the time I reached highschool. Most of the time, me and my brother would just sit in the back and play cards while we kept our faces in our shirts to avoid the cloud of smoke forming above our heads. (recovering alcoholics like to smoke.) Growing up around these people was pretty strange. We went bowling with them every Saturday, which is why I now hate bowling. Not because of the people by the way, its just that no one should ever have to bowl that much. ever. I remember when I eventually got sick of playing cards and got the guts to take a seat at the table with these interesting folks. That’s when everything changed.

You will never hear a better story than in an AA meeting. The cool thing, is these people come from everywhere, from every possible hell, and go to these meetings once a week with complete strangers, and they spill their guts. There is no editing, no shying away from profanity or reality. I remembered loving it and having no clue what they were talking about all at the same time. I was a kid, but I clung onto every one of their pains. In and out of rehab, abuse, divorce, deaths.. it was the first time I felt like people were being real. To be honest, I still feel like its one of the only times I’ve ever heard pure honesty.

And yeah, even they will tell you they are total nut-cases. I remember when I was 10, one of the old guys at the table went completely off on me. I’m pretty sure he was drunk at the meeting (which ironically happens alot.) I remember not being scared at all, which I think shocked my family member I went with. I felt his pain. I didn’t care if I was too young to get it, I still felt like I understood deep down why he was so angry. I would’ve let that guy scream at me all day if the other people there wouldn’t have held him back, and maybe that’s strange but, I would have.

I don’t know what the point of writing this was. I guess as I sit here writing this paper that I’m for once actually interested in writing… I would still much rather have the guts to go to the back-room in Remedy, and sit down in the back row, and just listen to those people tell their stories.

I appreciate real.

I guess that makes sense to me.

Anyway, I love that these people are finding a remedy at Remedy! (SO PUNNY)


I went to my first all black people party this weekend. I wish I could have taken pictures of the girls’ faces when I walked in. “Um, WHAT is that white girl doin’ up in here?!?”

Happy Tuesday, Folks.


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