PopTart Salad

I am extremely forgetful.

Seriously, I forget everything, especially the important stuff. So lately, when interesting things happen during my day, I write them down in my Notes App on my Iphone so I won’t forget. This has proven to be super helpful in remembering things that have happened to me throughout the week, it has also opened my eyes to how extremely strange my life is. Here is my list:

ImageA few days ago I got hungry and realized we had no food. I looked in the fridge and saw some chicken and salad but thought: “that is not enough ingredients for a decent salad.” so I opened our pantry and found some PopTarts. Any normal human being would never break up a PopTart and put it in their salad. I did.

My roommates also play that game “Punch Buggy” on the way to school. You know the one where you see a VW bug and punch someone for no good reason and say “punch buggy, no punch back.” Well, I think this game sucks because I don’t care about cars. I decided to play my version called: “Punch someone if you see a Wigger” because it is much more challenging and something that I like to look for on a daily basis.

So far, Knoxville has not provided me with one decent wigger.

Except maybe that guy I met at a party last night with a teardrop on his face…


World: meet baby James Eubanks Jr.

James, if you read this I am so proud of you and you are already the most baller dad ever.

hope everyone has a weird awesome week like mine.


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